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PD1 Medical


1. Which healthcare facilities are using PD1's medical cable tethers?

  • PD1's medical cable tethers are used in several top 10 healthcare organizations around the U.S. Our products have helped these facilities save thousands by preventing equipment loss. 

2. What kind of cable is used?

  • The thick stainless-steel cable is protected by a high-grade nylon coating making it extra durable and abrasion resistant.  The stainless-steel cable uses a 7x19 strand construction making it extremely strong while maintaining flexibility.

3. Can I order custom cable lengths?

4. Do medical cable tethers hold up against regular disinfection and terminal cleaning?

 5. How does the medical cable tether work?

6. Do you provide just the security bit in case I want to use my own screwdriver or wrench?

7. Can I find out more information about your product from other trusted sources?

8. Do you need crimping equipment to use the medical cable tether on equipment?

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