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PD1 Medical

Our Story

PD1 started with a simple idea: provide hassle-free solution that helps healthcare workers spend less time and money searching for and replacing missing medical equipment.

Keeping track of equipment inventory in a fast-paced and high-traffic environment is a challenge. Hospitals spend thousands each year confronting this issue with technologies such as real-time locating systems (RTLS) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).  However, a large percentage of the equipment inventory doesn’t get tracked (e.g. device accessories, patient cables, probes, etc.) and when missing, can cause a possibly life threatening disruption to clinical workflow. 

PD1 Medical worked with the Biomed and Clinical community to develop a simple yet versatile solution to this ongoing issue called the Accessible Cable Tether. The Accessible Cable Tether is a patented, easy-to-use, adjustable and reusable security tether and provides a simple approach to securing equipment so it’s available to Biomed and clinical staff when they need it most. 

Pat. No. US-20230094338-A1

"Equipment security made easy"