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pd1 medical

Customer Reviews

"Attaching the tether takes just a few seconds. It's quick and easy." - Steve, Biomed III

– Steve

"This is a great product for securing pretty much anything." - Chris, BMET II

– Chris

"We secure all of the patient cables in the ED. It's imperative that we have the equipment in the patient bays at all times." - Lisa, Nurse Manager

– Lisa

How it works

1. Thread the cable through the barrel

2. Loop the cable around the equipment that you're securing

3. Thread the cable back into the barrel and screw down onto the cable firmly using the key

Engineered for Healthcare

The healthcare environment comes with its own unique set of challenges. From emergency situations to regular equipment maintenance, access equipment with a few twists of a key.

Medical equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. Easily adjust the cable to fit around just about any piece of equipment.

Procedure rooms and patient care equipment are regularly cleaned with harsh disinfectants. The Med Tether's anodized body and stainless steel cable are highly resistant and stand up to the toughest chemicals.

Product features

Cost Savings

Instantly start saving on expensive equipment loss.

Secure and SAVE today!

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Medical equipment can come in all shapes and sizes. Rest easy knowing you'll have the right tool for ANY job.


The Med Tether is here to solve a problem, not create another. EASILY secure or unfasten equipment with a few twists of a key.

Med Tether

pd1 medical

Security Key
+ $10.00 each

Product Features:

- Fully adjustable tether

- Quickly attach/remove with security key

- High grade anodized aluminum body protects against corrosion 

- Stainless steel cable w/ tough nylon coating

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