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PD1 Medical

Who We Are

Don’t healthcare workers have enough to worry about while caring for their patients?  The last thing they should be doing is frantically searching for missing cables and equipment while valuable time is wasted and patient care is delayed. At least that’s what I thought...

Hi, I’m Jake, the healthcare worker who started pd1 (Patient Day 1) medical because I was tired of replacing expensive lead wires and going on missions through my department searching for devices and accessories that kept going missing!

Working nights and weekends, I   bootstrapped pd1   medical and the Med Tether product line you see today.  I'm not your typical big-box retailer or business owner who only cares about their margins and bottom line. What I am, is a full-time healthcare worker who realized they had an opportunity to solve a problem while doing some good in the world. 

With that being said, we decided to contribute a percentage of every sale to support healthcare workers during the pandemic.  We do this by directly donating to a charity that provides financial support in the form of charitable relief grants to support the families of healthcare workers who lose their lives to the virus.

At pd1 medical, we hope to support healthcare workers on and off the field by providing quality products and contributing a portion of all sales to charity.